Ansitz Villa Raßlhof

Via Alexander-von-Keller 11
39040 Termeno - Tramin
General description

A vineyard with traditional hospitality. Enjoy an unforgettable time at our Ansitz Villa Rasslhof. Our impressive vineyard is situated close to the Southerntyrolean Wine road in the region of Bozen. A Passion in the 5th generation. We belong to the smallest quality wine producers in this region. Our family has been cultivating wine since 1889.

description to arrive at destination

From Brenner use the Motorway to Ora - Egna - Termeno. From here, follow the signs until Termeno (around 4kilometers from the Motorway)

All the year long according to agreements: yearlong
San Genesio
San Genesio
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San Genesio
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