Ancient larch tree on the Salto high plateau

General description

In San Genesio at 1,435 m asl, located on the „Malgorer“ Salto, there ist the most ancient larch tree of the Salto high plateau.

Its age cannot be exactly determined.

This ancient larch tree is an an aesthetic feature in the middle of the wide larch groves on the Salto.

The lowest strongest branches form a candelabra shape. The tree crown could develop freely upward due to the lack of competition.

The once splendid tree has suffered damage due to the snow pressure in the winter of 2008/2009, numerous branches were pressed down and broken.

Height of the tree: 24m

Diameter: 2,03m

Circumference: 6,40m

Locality: Montoppio

Sea level: 1435 m

Recommended season
San Genesio
San Genesio
Embedded in the charming natural scenery of the Salto High Plateau, there is the municipality of S. Genesio, extending at 760 to 1,300 m a.s.l.