Men of Stone

General description

The Men of Stone are situated to the north to Flaas. It's a sacred power spot that offers a 360° panorama view. The hiking tour starts at the parking space "Campitello". From here you will walk for about 40 minutes to the mountain hut Jenesier Jöchl (reachable with prams). Follow the trail no. 23 till you reach the Men of Stone. Backwards you will pass the mountain hut Möltner Kaser till you turn to the starting point by following the road no 28.   

description to arrive at destination

Take the main road from Bolzano over San Genesio to Valas. Make a turn to the right till the parking space "Campitello". From Merano take the highway to Terlano. Continue going to Meltina and pass through Valas till the parking space "Campitello". 

Recommended season
San Genesio
San Genesio
Embedded in the charming natural scenery of the Salto High Plateau, there is the municipality of S. Genesio, extending at 760 to 1,300 m a.s.l.