Langfenn - Fenn

Langfennweg Nr. 1
39010 Mölten
General description

Archeological discoveries prove that settlements at Lavena date back to the Bronze Age, probably as a place of paga worship.

The lovely church beside Lavena is dedicated to St. Jacob, the patron of travellers and wayfarer. 150 years ago, Lavena was a frenquently visited merchant's and livestock market.

Today, Lavena has become tourist attraction and hiker's delight on the Salto high plateua in San Genesio.

description to arrive at destination

Reachable from San Genesio or Meltina. You can leave your car at the parking area Schermos and walk for about 20-30 minutes to Langfenn. It's a perfect walking option for family with children or baby buggys. 

Recommended season
San Genesio
San Genesio
Embedded in the charming natural scenery of the Salto High Plateau, there is the municipality of S. Genesio, extending at 760 to 1,300 m a.s.l.