26/ - 28/7/2019 

121 km with an elevation of 7554 m, one of the most extreme adventures in the Alps: These are the characteristics of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace: The start of this extreme mountain run is in the centre of Bolzano. From there the route continues up to Renon across the Forcella di Sarentino and Chiesetta del Morto to Croce di Lazfons, and then on via Rifugio Forcella Vallaga to Passo di Pennes. This is more or less the halfway point. From here the race continues with steep climbs and fast descents across Giogo di Frane to Valle di Sopramonte, Valle di Sottomonte, Alpler Nieder and to the Rifugio Punta Cervina. At Giogo Piatto (2,698 m) below Punta Cervina is the highest point of the race. From there, it’s downhill to Lago San Pancrazio and Rifugio Merano, where the path continues gently up and down, past the Omini di Sasso, Passo di San Genesio across the Salto to San Genesio. At the end of the 40-hours tour is a demanding descent via Rafenstein to the finish on Prati del Talvera in Bolzano.

Those who like it a little less extreme can try the Südtirol Sky Race (69 km – 3.930 m elevation) or the Südtirol Sky Marathon (42,2 km – 2.863 m elevation).